Our Story

YH SMART LLC is the legacy child of three generations of merchants and traders of the Al Haffar family. In his pursuit of the highest quality and premium food products, our founder Mr. Yaman Al Haffar has developed his own brands of food and beverages products to keep track of its production process and quality thereby bringing the finest quality and great tasting food products to our prized customers.

Our Mission & Vision

To become the go-to supplier of high-end & premium food products in the market


To provide high-end & premium tasting food at a price that is affordable to all

Our Core Values
Premium Quality Food Products

We source our food products from world-class production facilities to provide our end consumers with the best quality premium food products in the market

Healthy & Great Tasting

Our name and identity in our food products means we have certain control over the production quality and safety to ensure healthy, great-tasting and nutritious food items

Affordable Pricing

Our promise to make premium food products affordable keep us grounded in our strategic and innovative business practices